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Four advantages to ensure quality
advantages of us


Powerful· Focus on research and development

Jintai Changying has been committed to the research and development of environmental protection materials. 

Powerful· Meet the different needs

The company's products include: bamboo fiber wallboard, ecological wood great wall board, ceiling, Fangtong molding square, WPC floor, ASI coextrusion series, WPC coextrusion series, DIY floor, PVC fast buckle floor



Assurance·Craft quality first

Strict quality standards, strict production processes, products are in line with CCC, CE, ROHS international standards set up multi-channel quality inspection procedures

Worry-free· Complete supporting

Mature integrated logistics distribution, within 24 hours to provide customers with fast, reliable distribution services, rapid response

Jintai Changying and you build
advantages of us


  • 01
    Environmental friendly
    No formaldehyde and other harmful substances to protect you and your family
  • 02
    Simple installation
    The finished profile does not need complicated construction technology, Save material and installation time and cost
  • 03
    Be flexible
    It is very simple to realize the personalized appearance, and can reflect various styles according to the design
  • 04
    Long service life
    Strong compression resistance, waterproof, moisture-proof, insect and ant proof It can be used outdoors for 10-15 years


Foshan Jintai Changying
Foshan Jintai Changying Technology Co., Ltd

Foshan Jintai Changying Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as "Jintai Changying", is an Internet integrated service provider, a major member of China Internet association, a listed enterprise of science and technology edition of Guangdong financial high tech Zone (code 230065), and a supporting enterprise of Guangdong Province. After years of technology accumulation and R & D practice, integrating communication, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, we have developed and launched a sales management system with CRM as the core, an intelligent voice phone system with artificial intelligence as the core, social and communication services such as Aiku / icall2.0 and instant messaging micro extension / wetalk, and other products, providing a full set of instant messaging platforms such as SDK and API And other integrated access, as well as value-added business solutions for high-tech enterprises. It provides enterprises with information-based marketing management solutions to help enterprises reduce operating costs and improve marketing and management efficiency!

You build a green and healthy home
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